2009 Product Source: E-I

September 2, 2009

Enco Systems Presenter

Automation interface
Enco Systems
Presenter: Presenter, like its predecessor DAD, supports all forms of audio technologies including IP audio, traditional sound cards, audio router control, console interfaces, and general purpose I/O, touch screens, etc. The single screen interface features a panel design with many user selectable tools including voice tracking, hot buttons, recording, database, search and more. Other features include cut, paste and block move of playlists elements, user tabs, backsell log and a number of new and refined user friendly tools designed for live assist and voice tracked operations.

ESE ES-188

Masterclock time code generator
ES-188: The ES-188 is a 1RU black anodized unit that displays nine digits (day of year, hour, minute and second) of time as received via a user-selected NTP server. Several types of time code, as well as a 1PPS signal are generated by the ES-188 and output on the rear panel. These outputs allow the unit to interface with new or existing computers, automation systems and third-party clock systems. The clock features automatic correction for Daylight Saving Time and a four-hour battery backup. Options include ASCII NPR time-code output, relay contact closure, 220Vac, 12 to 35Vdc power input and UL-approved power supply.

Music libraries
Firstcom Music
Noise Pump Updates: Noise Pump is a uinque production music library providing a wide range of musical styles and attitudes from down tempo chill to traditional orchestra. The five new volumes include Heritage Suite (orchestral themes); Media Business (contemporary overview of digital themes and business applications); Urban Drama (filmic scoring elements with an urban twist); Culture Clash (rhythmic pop); and Lo-Fi Culture (down tempo, chill and hypnotic time warps).

Focusrite Audio Engineering Saffire PRO 24 DSP

Firewire audio interface
Focusrite Audio Engineering
Saffire PRO 24 DSP: Focusrite proudly launches the new Saffire PRO 24 DSP, a 16-input/8-output Firewire audio interface that features Virtual Reference Monitoring (VRM) in addition to real-time DSP-powered tracking plug-ins. VRM technology provides the ability for a user to mix through their choice of more than 15 different sets of commonly used professional studio monitors and hi-fi speakers, in different acoustic environments and from different positions. Focusrite has crafted the product's two preamps to capture every subtle nuance of an audio source.

Voltage regulator/power conditioner
Furman Sound
P-6900 AR E: Part of Furman's Prestige Series, the P-6900 AR E provides voltage regulation, power protection, and filtration. It utilizes Furman's True RMS Voltage Regulation Technology to provide stable voltage to connected equipment, along with Furman's SMP/LiFT/EVS Technologies for professional-level protection and linear ac noise filtration. The P-6900 AR E provides stable voltage output (selectable between 230V and 240V). Furman's True RMS Regulation Technology utilizes an ultra-low noise, microprocessor-controlled, eight-tap torroidal autoformer, assuring quiet operation for critical listening and recording applications with minimal leakage of stray magnetic fields. The P-6900 AR E also features a switchable front-panel digital voltmeter/ammeter with a color-coded voltage range indicator for comprehensive power monitoring, and a front-panel USB charger for cell phones, personal media devices, or to power a USB lamp.

Genelec 8020B

Bi-amplified active monitor
8020B: This system has been designed for monitoring work in difficult listening environments, particularly those compromised by lack of space. The 8020B incorporates Genelec's acoustic design innovations to minimize all forms of distortion in all listening environments. The B model features a mains power switch, now located on the enclosure's rear panel. The rotary front-panel control is used for sound level adjustment only. The audio signal can still be muted (the front LED stays on) by turning the front panel volume knob fully counterclockwise, but actual mains power is only switched off using the rear panel on/off power switch, which turns the front LED on/off. This also enables turning the power off without changing the set level. Along with this change, the second rear-mounted XLR connector has been removed. This new control configuration offers new options for environmentally conscious users and those looking to cut down on energy consumption.

Original music creations
GMP Music
Production music libraries: Gene Michael Productions has expanded GMP Music libraries to 344 CDs. New releases for GMP Music include: Drama Orchestral, Quirky and Eclectic, ADSHOP spot music, Cultural, Post Rock and Fusion Jazz. GMP Music has enjoyed recent placements in network and cable programming, ads and promos. Delivery formats include Itunes encoded AIF and MP3 files on DVD, online download AIR, WAV and MP3 files and CDs.

Graham Studios Modulux Premium

Studio furniture
Graham Studios
Modulux Premium: Modulus Premium features standard solid oak trim with wider applications and on more surfaces than the Deluxe Modulux. Exotic woods are available at a modest up charge and vertical panels are available in several melamine colors. The furniture features rounded hardwood corners finished with natural oil stain and hand rubbed with solvent-based hard finish sealer. Upgraded features include screw door hatches for quick entry, touch latch versions, vented door panels, cabinet levelers and custom inside corners.

Single effects processor plug-ins
IK Multimedia
T-Racks 3: T-Racks 3 Singles individual processor modules operate as a native VST, AU or RTAS plug-in, for more convenient usage inside any popular DAW when mixing individual tracks. The plug-in series includes: Classic EQ, Classic Compressor, Classic Limiter, Classic Clipper, Linear Phase EQ, Brickwall Limiter, Vintage Compressor 670, Vintage Tube Program EQ EQP1-A, Opto Compressor and Metering Suite. All T-Racks 3 singles can be integrated into the Standard Mastering and Mixing Suite as a user's needs expand.
+39 059 285496

Inovonics Model 703 INOmini

RDS/RBDS Encoder
Model 703 INOmini: Inovonics' 703 is the newest mini encoder and the first in its line of cost-effective INOmini products. This is a quick way to an RDS/RBDS presence, with easy USB programming using the supplied Windows software. A station's data goes into non-volatile memory, and the unit may then be re-installed at the transmitter site. The 703 will identify a station by format, display a station's street name, and continuously transmit station promos or advertising message to your listeners. An optional rack-mount kit accommodates up to three INOmini-style products.

Intelix AVO-A2-WP110

High-fidelity stereo audio wallplate balun
AVO-A2-WP110: The AVO-A2-WP110 wallplate balun distributes a high-fidelity stereo audio signal up to 2,500' over standard twisted pair cable, such as CAT-5 or CAT-6. The front panel features two gold-plated female RCA connectors on a white decora face-plate. The rear panel features a 110 punchdown block and includes a 110 termination tool. The installed unit fits in a standard depth wall-box. Used in pairs or with a rack-mountable Intelix AVO-A2-F modular balun, the AVO-A2-WP110 transmits 20Hz to 20kHz analog audio.

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