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September 2, 2009

Sabre Towers

Tower manufacturer/installer
Sabre Towers
Towers: Sabre designs, manufactures and installs towers to meet broadcast specifications. The company provides guyed towers in sizes ranging from a 12" face tubular lightweight tower to an 84" face solid round knock down tower. Sabre offers everything from custom FM support sections to turnkey AM installations.

Sage Alerting Digital Endec

EAS encoder/decoder
Sage Alerting
Digital Endec: The Digital Endec incorporates the latest developments in DSP and other digital techniques. It uses an Internet connection to allow remote, secure activation, system monitoring and uploading of software releases and redundancy. Its network centric design allows logging, printouts and control and automation interface via a network or Internet connection. It now has text-to-speech capabilities and will be fully compliant with the FEMA specified CAP 1.1 standard.

Samson Technologies Go Mic

USB microphone
Samson Technologies
Go Mic: Go Mic is designed to record professional quality audio on any computer. Its unique design provides the user with a built-in laptop mount or allows placement on a multidirectional hinge; ensuring consumers record only the intended audio. Go Mic is ideal for applications such as Skype, Ichat, webcasting, podcasting, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and voice recognition software. Features include plug-and-play MAC and PC compatibility, USB interface for high-resolution, digital audio streaming, a custom design that clips to a laptop or sits on a desk, compact, folding design that allows for easy storage in a brief case or laptop bag, condenser transducer with pressure gradient USB digital output, frequency response of 20Hz - 18kHz, selectable cardioids or omnidirectional polar recording pattern, available in black or white.

On-air warning lights
Warning lights: Sandies' bright red, back-lit on black letters will keep staff informed. Dimensions are: 5"H x 10"W x 2-1/2" D. These warning lights are 110V and use two 7W bulbs. The text on the lens reads On Air. They are available in 12- and 24Vdc as well as custom text/foreign language by special order. Sandies also has a new 3-sided on air light with dimensions: 5"H, 3-1/8"W, 2-3/8"D.

Sennheiser Electronic Audiophile HD 800

Sennheiser Electronic
Audiophile HD 800: A unique transducer and ear cup design are two of the key design features of Sennheiser's HD 800 headphones. This audiophile model uses a 56mm sound transducer (reportedly the largest to be found in any dynamic headphones) and an ear cup design that directs sound waves to the ear at a slight angle. The vibrating part of the diaphragm is not a circular surface area but a ring, which is able to set the entire air volume over the transducer into motion, generating the full-bodied sound of the HD 800. This annular design is patented by Sennheiser.

Shively Labs 2700 Series

Combo line
Shively Labs
2700 Series: Shively Labs offers its new 2700-Series comb-line, band pass filter offering four-pole response in a three-pole package. The 5kW balanced combiner shown uses these filters, and the new compact hybrids will fit in tight spaces. Higher power versions of these filters will provide balanced combiner modules rated at 10kW+ with only a slight increase in footprint.

Remote control
Sine Systems
Plus Sine: This simple, user-friendly PC-based remote control and data acquisition system can be used with the RFC-1/B from Sine Systems. It can be purchased with a new Sine Systems Remote and is backward-compatible with the existing systems. Detailed data acquisition logging is managed by the parameters that the user establishes. Data collection and reporting is only limited by hard drive space. Viewing data is simple using real-time trend charts where a user can view multiple analog or status channels at once and see their time relationship to each other. Customized reports can be accessed immediately or sent via scheduled e-mails in the format the user chooses such as PDF, RTF, Microsoft Word files.

Sony Creative Software Acid Pro 7

Digital audio workstation
Sony Creative Software
Acid Pro 7: ACID Pro 7 software advances the application's DAW functionality with new features that make the music production process flow even smoother by leveraging the Transparent Technology that Sony is so well known for in all of its professional music applications. The software provides extensive digital audio production tools that support many different production workflows in one complete application. In addition, ACID Pro 7 software now includes interactive tutorials to help new users get started quickly. New ACID Pro 7 features include: Audio and MIDI mixing console; MIDI Track Freeze; Real-time rendering; Input busses; Enhanced time stretch and pitch shifting with Zplane élastique Pro; Enhanced Beatmapping for tracks with multiple tempos; Tempo curves; and FLAC, AAC, AC-3 Studio, and MPEG-2 format support .

Studer Relink

I/O sharing system
Relink: Relink (Resource Linking) I/O sharing system can link numerous Studer consoles in various locations of a broadcast facility to allow audio source and control data sharing across a wide network. Based totally on Studer's existing Score system, no additional hardware or breakout boxes are required to complete the network. Any combination of Studer Vista, the On Air 2500 and 3000 consoles, as well as Route 6000 can link with each other via Relink, communicating over TCP/IP. Other console-based networking systems on the market are often restricted to a single type of console. Relink is scaleable, flexible, and can start with a simple link between two Studer consoles, and scale up to multi-console systems using a two-step topology where all signals are matrixed through a central device, for example the Studer Route 6000 system.

Superior Electric Stabiline BVR Series

AC voltage regulators
Superior Electric
Stabiline BVR Series: The BVR Series offers a compact AVR package. With a new (patent-pending), solid-state step regulating design that eliminates full load carrying transformers and servo-motor control schemes, the BVR is up to 40 percent lighter than other devices being offered. The input range is the range of input voltages over which the unit will maintain constant output voltage. BVR models are offered in two standard ranges – narrow and wide range to accommodate various installation needs (source stability and critical load requirements) as well as site location. The power that must be corrected is greater for wide range units than narrow range units. The Series features no moving control parts or fans, all models offer individual phase control, NEMA 1 enclosures allow for easy wiring access, it has low audible noise and low added harmonic distortion.

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