2009 Product Source: T-Z

September 2, 2009

Titus Technological Laboratories 3-DRX

AES audio switcher
Titus Technological Laboratories
3-DRX: This AES digital audio device integrates both a two-input AES-3 switcher and a 24-bit stereo ADC into one package making a perfect emergency 3x1 automatic switcher, as well as easy EAS integration. The 3-DRX is a digital audio repeater and crosspoint switcher. It has three inputs and one output. The first two inputs are digital audio inputs; they can be AES-3 balanced, XLR or AES-3ID BNC. They can also be either terminating or bridging inputs allowing sampling of an existing serial digital audio data channel. The third input to the 3-DRX is a stereo analog audio input. The serial digital output conforms to both AES-3 and AES-3ID standards. The 3-DRX will automatically switch to the secondary digital input if the primary digital source fails. A tertiary stereo analog source will automatically be switched to if the two stereo digital streams fail or have a loss of audio on the digital data stream.

Transmitter reseller
Transcom Corp
Pre-owned transmitters: With many years of experience and service to broadcasters, Transcom provides used AM and FM transmitters and is a manufacturer representative for new antenna, cable, STL equipment and audio equipment.

V-Soft Communications Probe 4

Terrain analysis software
V-Soft Communications
Probe 4: This program update includes several new tools and program enhancements. A new Calculation Engine takes advantage of multiple computing cores for faster calculation times. The updated Profile Tool makes units, line types, number of divisions and other setting user-configurable. Also new is the display of the path broken into multiple line-of-sight paths, multiple Fresnel zones, and the ability to edit the hard copy output to add custom user labels, arrows, legends and logos. Other updates include display enhancements, improved search functions, IBOC interference tools, and expanded plotting and contour displays. Probe 4 is bundled with a variety of database information as well.

Waves Audio Waves Hybrid Line

Digital plug-ins
Waves Audio
Waves Hybrid Line: The Hybrid Line offers the color and character of classic analog hardware processors with the features and flexibility of Waves digital plug-ins. The first two products in the Waves Hybrid Line are the H-Comp Hybrid Compressor and the H-Delay Hybrid Delay. H-Comp is a brand new dynamics processor that combines the modeled behavior of transformers, tubes, and transistors with the power and precision provided only by modern-day plug-ins. Features and capabilities include: wet/dry mix option for easy parallel compression, analog modeled release behavior, unique transient pass-through control, exclusive BPM sync release function, multiple analog character modes, output limiter/clipper modes and external side chain support. H-Delay delivers real vintage as well as PCM42-style effects. Features and capabilities include: delay time of up to 3500ms (TDM), variable pitch delay time behavior, multiple analog character modes, infinite feedback support, LFO- controlled pitch modulation, LoFi mode, and tap + BPM synchronization.

Weather Underground Wunder Radio

Iphone radio application
Weather Underground
Wunder Radio: Users of Windows Mobile phones will now be able to listen to more than 36,000 live Internet radio streams on Wunder Radio. Awarded the title of best Iphone radio application (terrestrial division) at the Mac World Expo, Wunder Radio has already been downloaded by more than 100,000 Iphone users who use it to listen to AM/FM and Internet radio stations from across the world. Users can browse the directory provided by Radio Time, to find radio stations that meet their needs and tastes, searching by location and more than 400 different genres such as music, talk, sports and entertainment.

Wheatstone Crosstalk

Broadcast communications system
Crosstalk: Wheatstone Crosstalk is a new series of monitoring and communications stations for radio broadcast facilities. Crosstalk integrates with the Wheatstone Wheatnet-IP audio-over-IP and Bridge TDM networking systems. It is ideal for news operations, two-way communication with talent and production staff, locally and at remote sites. Crosstalk is a perfect TOC monitoring station, with the ability to talk down remote feeds for pre-air setup. Crosstalk R-16 is a rack-mount station with 15 pre-programmable talk/listen keys, one dial-up talk/listen key, built-in speaker, front-panel mic, communications XLR-5 headset jack, and stereo ¼" headphone jack. Desktop versions with eight and 16 talk/listen keys are also available.

Analog to AES digital converter
AESAD: The AESAD provides extremely high quality analog-to-AES digital conversion. It features mic or line input with 48V phantom available, 110 ohm balanced and 75 ohm unbalanced outputs, dual function meters to display either digital output or analog input levels, a headphone monitor, is powered by internal batteries or external power input, and converts to the most popular AES sample rates.

Wide Orbit WO Automation for Radio

Radio automation system
Wide Orbit
WO Automation for Radio: Formerly Google Radio Automation, WO Automation for Radio ensures that stations are on the air every minute of every day. With it, stations can ingest, manage and broadcast audio content, and it integrates fully with WO Traffic. Features include instant availability, podcasting, HD Radio support, third-party widgets and an API, scalability and an imitated on-air screen.

Wireworks Guardian Panel Mounts

Connector protection
Guardian Panel Mounts: A simple steel recessing ring, the Guardian Panel Mount offers protection to connectors on a custom panel by easily recessing them out of harms' way. The mounts increase connector safety when used as recessed low-voltage mounting ring or when installed in NEMA-style surface-mount or flush-mounted electrical boxes. As a recessed low-voltage ring, a Guardian Panel Mount can be easily mounted directly into a wall or anywhere else by using mounting screws, fasteners or toggle bolts. A custom connector panel is then attached to the recessed flange, providing protected connectivity. When used in conjunction with an electrical box, the mount can be ordered in the exact box size for surface-mount installations. Alternatively, the panel mount can be ordered with a flange one inch larger than the electrical box for flush-mounted applications, effectively enabling the wide flange to cover any seam between the box and the surrounding wall.

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