2010 NAB Extra!

March 1, 2010

Nautel NX Series

Longwave transmitters
Booth C2615
NX Series: With power outputs ranging from 25kW to 2000kW, this transmitter series offers AM adaptive pre-correction, ac to RF efficiency of 90 percent, linearity utilizing a nine-phase Direct Digital Modulation scheme encoded at 2.7 mega-samples per second, and a footprint requiring 1/3 to 1/2 less space than other transmitters. A touch-screen controller plus remote Web access are standard.

On-air processor
Booth C1657
Optimod-FM 5500: The 5500 combines the functionality of Orban's Optimod-FM 5300 and 2300 processors in a compact 1RU chassis. It features five- and two-band processing (including stereo generator), plus a stand-alone stereo generator mode that offers performance equivalent to the stereo generator in the Orban Optimod-FM 8500 and 8600 processors. New in the 5500 is a 10MHz frequency reference input that allows the 19kHz pilot tone frequency to be locked to GPS or another high-accuracy frequency standard. In addition, a cool-running switching power supply saves energy and reduces heat build-up inside the chassis.

Audio-Technica BPHS1

Broadcast stereo headset
Booth C1632
BPHS1: The BPHS1 broadcast stereo headset with dynamic boom microphone offers natural, highly intelligible stereo reproduction. The rugged BPHS1 features closed-back around-the-ear ear cups designed to provide maximum comfort and ambient noise rejection with minimal ear fatigue. The headset also has a professional boom-mounted moving coil dynamic microphone that can be positioned for use on either side of the mouth. It is specifically intended and optimized for on-air or live news and sports broadcasting, announcing and interviews.

JK Audio BlueDriver Series

Wireless audio interfaces
JK Audio
Booth C2010
BlueDriver Series: The BlueDriver series of audio interface adapters use Bluetooth wireless technology. BlueDriver-F3 plugs directly into a dynamic mic or the mic-level output from a A Bluetooth-equipped cell phone or headset. The 3.5mm stereo jack contains a mic-level output suitable for recording, with the clean mic signal on the left channel and the Bluetooth return on the right. BlueDriver-M3 plugs into the mic input channel of a mixer. The 3.5mm jack will accept a signal from the headphone output of the mixer for transmission back to the cell phone or headset. A switch on either unit selects between connection to a third-party Bluetooth headset, or a cell phone.

Telos Nx6

Talkshow System
Telos Systems
Booth C146
Nx6: Contained in a slim 2RU chassis, the Nx6 contains four adaptive digital hybrids with advanced DSP technology to give callers better sound. It supports up to six analog or digital phone lines. Each of the four hybrids is equipped with individually adjustable AGC and noise gate by Omnia. Combined with Telos' Digital Dynamic EQTM (DDEQ) and adaptive hybrid technology, the Nx6 delivers caller-to-caller consistency whether using POTS or ISDN. The Nx6 package includes one Desktop Director, and Assistant Producer call screening software.

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Wheatstone Mic Blade

IP88e WheatNet-IP application
Booth C2623
Mic Blade: The IP88e Wheatnet-IP Mic Blade features eight built-in mic preamps with phantom power, eight analog output channels and 12 universal logic (GPI) ports. Mic audio is available anywhere in the Wheatnet-IP system. Analog outputs can access any system source, and are typically used for studio headphone and speaker feeds.

Automation mobile application
Enco Systems
Booth C3036
iDAD: iDAD is a companion mobile application for the Enco DAD and Presenter audio automation studio systems. The initial release is targeted at the iPhone and the new iPad tablet computing device from Apple. It will feature the ability for news reporters and announcers to record, trim and tail, label and then send audio from the mobile device directly to their DAD or Presenter automation systems for timely playback. iDAD will also feature a remote control function which will allow control of the DAD or Presenter system from the mobile device using a simple array of buttons representing various user definable functions.

Axia Audio IP-Intercom

Intercom equipment
Axia Audio
Booth C146
IP-Intercom: Axia's IP-Intercom system debuts with a full family of intercom equipment that includes a variety of rackmount stations, as well as drop-in modules for Axia Element 2.0 mixing consoles ¡ª providing a unique interconnection between intercom and console that allows any audio from any station in the broadcast facility to be immediately brought to air. IP-Intercom stations connect to the studio network with a single CAT-5 connection. Its features include auto-answer and hands-free operation, bright, sharp OLED displays for maximum visibility, built-in speakers and front-and-rear-panel mic connections, and drop-in modules that integrate into Axia consoles. The Advanced Echo Cancellation (AEC) technology, licensed from the Fraunhofer Institute, effectively suppresses acoustic feedback generated between open mics and speakers, producing clear, feedback-free audio.

Power meter
LBA Technology
Booth N516
Kathrein 3024: With measuring capability from 1W to 1MW, the 3024 can be used with most existing directional coupler-based RF measuring transmitter power monitors to provide PC and Internet access and SNMP network connectivity. Internal user-programmable software calculates the display power depending on the probe input, offset, gain and the given value of the directional coupler. Because the setup for each probe in the system is unique, it will even work with different brands of directional couplers. The working end of the rack-mounted 19" 3024 is in the rear, where up to eight probes can be connected for simultaneous power measurements.


Microphone preamps
RDL (Radio Design Labs)
Booth C451
EZ-MPA1; EZ-MPA2: The EZ-MPA1 is a microphone preamplifier with front-panel volume control and audio level metering. A front-panel switch engages an audio compressor to control overloads and clipping during high-level audio bursts or peaks. Dynamic or condenser microphones are both supported with rear-panel switchable phantom voltage. The preamplified mic signal feeds both channels of the line output on RCA or mini jacks. LED VU metering facilitates easy level adjustment.

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Shure headphones

Booth C2013
SRH840, SRH440, and SRH240: The SRH840, SRH440, and SRH240 join Shure's lineup of professional and home recording equipment. These headphones achieve a balance between comfort, durability, and rich lows, warm mids and crisp highs. Each have a unique sound signature and feature closed-back, circumaural design, which maximizes comfort during extended wear.

Portable production system
Booth SL10814
TriCaster, TriCaster Interface: In one lightweight, portable system (small enough to fit in a backpack), TriCaster provides all the tools, including live virtual sets on select models, required to produce, live stream, broadcast and project a show. Its small footprint makes it possible to broadcast from anywhere and it is flexible enough to allow you to deliver live productions on your own or with a team.

Audio encoding for Windows
Omnia Audio
Booth C146
Omnia A/XE: The Omnia A/XE blends power with advanced encoding capabilities. It can process audio for bit rate-reduced and linear applications. It runs as a background service, can be fully-managed and configured remotely with a Web browser, and can process and encode multiple streams in various formats simultaneously. A/XE can be run on most off-the-shelf computers; the minimum requirements are Windows XP or later, 521MB RAM, 20MB free hard-drive space and a network card. It can encode directly to MP3 or AAC as well as feed a Shoutcast-style or Windows Media Server in the MP3 format, or feed Adobe Media server an AAC stream. It can also be paired with an existing Windows Media, Real, MPG Pro or MP3 streaming encoder.

Audio analyzer
Audio Precision
Booth C2023
APxUpdates: Since the beginning of 2010, Audio Precision has been shipping the BW52 ultra-high-bandwidth 1MHz FFT option for the AP¡Á525 family of audio analyzers, which delivers high bandwidth (dc to 1MHz), one million points, and 24-bit resolution when measuring out-of-band noise in Class-D amps, sigma-delta converters and other modern audio devices, easily surpassing the maximum FFT bandwidth offered by competing analyzers (usually topping out at 250kHz). More recently, the v2.5 software update for APx has added custom reporting options, WAV file analysis, and the ability to stream Dolby's TrueHD audio compression format through the APx HDMI option.

Broadcast Tools Audio Sentinel

Silence monitor/audio switcher
Broadcast Tools
Booth C1451
Audio Sentinel: The Audio Sentinel is a Web-enabled two-channel stereo silence monitor combined with a transparent, integrated audio switcher. It is designed to monitor two balanced or unbalanced independent stereo analog audio sources and switch to a back-up analog audio source when silence is detected on either or both channels. It may also be configured for independent dual-stereo non-switching applications. The Audio Sentinel can be controlled and monitored locally and/or remotely over any IP network, including private networks, IP-based industrial control networks, and the Internet. Users can operate the product using a Web browser or Web-enabled mobile device. E-mail notification may be configured to alert up to four recipients when alarms are detected. The user may also enable a sound effect to play on a PC speaker when an alarm is generated.

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APT Worldcast Equinox

IP audio codec
Booth C751
Worldcast Equinox: The Worldcast Equinox enables delivery of bidirectional stereo over IP and ISDN links. Noteworthy features include automatic back-up from IP to ISDN, support for SIP/SDP and interoperability with other manufacturers' codecs using Layer III bonding. Additional functionality is priced as optional add-ons, ensuring that the user pays for only those features that are most important to them.

Mixing console
Booth C2217
Crystal: This control surface features buttons illuminated by RGB LEDs that allow for color coding of the various functions and a high-resolution OLED displays guarantee an optimum readability from every angle. And as one of the two displays per channel always shows the selected source, it is easy for users to see a status overview all the time. The console chassis is made completely of aluminum with an abrasion-proof surface.
+49 7222 1002 0

RCS iPush

Recording app
Booth C2628
iPush: Ipush is the latest mobile application for Nex Gen Digital; it records one or more news reports or remote inserts and sends them to Nex Gen Digital via an integrated version of WANcasting. The audio then lands into the system for playback on the air. With RCS iPush, users can leave bulky recording equipment at the studio and still capture events. Ipush works with an iPhone or second generation or newer iPod Touch. It is compatible with the phone's microphone, or upgrade to plug-in higher quality over-the-counter microphones.

Emergency messaging platform
Digital Alert Systems
Booth C3651
DASDEC-II: DASDEC-II leverages common information exchange protocols and offers a broad range of physical connections and third-party interfaces. Any standard Web-browser on a PC, Mac or smartphone can be used to view, change or activate DASDEC functions. With its optional three internal receivers, it can monitor any standard AM/FM/WX frequency, on any individual receiver with band selection, tuning, level adjustment and even live audio monitoring over the network. EAS alert details are presented on an integrated NTSC character generator screen, or connect the DASDEC to a wide range of other third-party CGs for crawling text overlays or automation control.

Samson Technologies XP510i

Portable PA system
Samson Technologies
Booth C1422
XP510i: The XP510i boasts dual two-way speakers and a detachable 10-channel mixer with a 500W (2 ¡Á 250) Class D amplifier. The speakers employ 10" woofers in vented enclosures for outstanding bass response while 1" high-frequency drivers deliver sweet highs. For transport, the speakers slide together, the mixer locks into the back of one speaker and the cables pack up in the back of the other for a single unit that weighs just over 50 pounds.

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Bird Technologies Group 43-05-01 Series

Multiband combiner and coupler
Bird Technologies Group
Booth C454
43-05-01 Series; 80-05-14: The Multiband Control Station Combiner, model 43-05-01 series, provides frequency-agile operation across multiple bands. Operating in frequency ranges of 40-960MHz, the multi-channel multi-band combiner interoperability can be combined into a single network for efficiency. The unit is low profile for space-efficient installation while saving cost by combining multiple bands in the same combiner. The Multiband Coupler, model 80-05-14, reduces tower transmission lines at sites operating from VHF to 900MHz.

25-Seven Systems Program Length Manager

Program shrinker/stretcher
25-Seven Systems
Booth C144
Program Length Manager: The 25-Seven Program Length Manager (PLM) shrinks or stretches your programs and program segments by 5 percent (three minutes per hour) or even 10 percent - without pitch change, artifacts or glitches. Time-manipulated audio is clean enough to use on stereo music programs and live events. PLM is operator friendly and requires little training whether controlled from the front-panel or via Web browser. PLM is the next best thing to being able to stop the clock or add more minutes to the hour.

Neutrik SCDP Series

Sealing gaskets
Booth C2336
SCDP Series: Neutrik features a dust- and water-resistant connector for use with all D-shaped chassis connectors with its newest sealing gasket (SCDP-*). Designed for use with Neutrik's Opticalcon Duo and Quad fiber connectors or any Neutrik product using a standard D-style cutout, including the newly introduced water-resistant USB/FireWire and HDMI feedthroughs, the SCDP gasket gives additional value and safety to any installation in the mated condition. The sealing gasket is available in six different colors: Black, red, yellow, green, blue and white. Color-coded D-shaped chassis connectors also provide the added benefit of quick identification on-site.

Broadband dipole
Shively Labs
Booth C3019
6020: The 6020 broadband dipole is now also incorporated into a low-windload broadband FM panel, model 6018V or 6018H. It is rated at 10kW input and can be used either for vertically or horizontally polarized applications. The 6020 has already been used successfully in Turkey and Haiti, and has proven its capabilities as a rapidly deployable, robust 5kW antenna. Features include vertical polarization and 5kW power rating per bay. Radomes and de-icers are not required.

Barix Barionet 50

IP automation controller
Barix Technology
Booth C1139
Barionet 50: A fully programmable network controller, the Barionet 50 is ideal for interfacing devices and real world I/O via IP with open, standards-based monitoring and control platforms. It is a modular component that can operate standalone or in concert with other units, Web servers and control systems. Professional applications include access control, machine data collection and environmental monitoring of everything from temperature to water pressure. Barionet devices use very low power (typically 1.2W with inactive relays) and are well-positioned for green applications such as energy metering, smart grid control and intelligent building management.

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Array Solutions VNA 2180

Vector network analyzer
Array Solutions
Booth C1332
VNA 2180: The VNA 2180 measures impedance (magnitude and phase) and filter transmission in the range of 5KHz to 180MHz. A PC is used to plot parameters, such as impedance, SWR, S11 and S21. The test frequency is generated digitally. A 12-bit analog-to-digital converter digitizes the raw data. This avoids non-linearity associated with diode detectors, and results in very good dynamic range and linearity for accurate magnitude and phase measurements.

Soundproof door
Soundproof Windows
Booth C1844
Studio Door Max: Two sliding glass doors are mounted on each side of a door opening. The doors can be mounted inside the opening or outside of the door opening. An 8" thick wall can provide an overall installed door thickness ranging from 8" to 13.5". A 10.5" wall depth can provide up to 16" of overall door assembly thickness. All of the door panels are removable. These sliding glass doors provide a higher STC than most solid doors. If mounted over a swing door, overall STC values can be improved while being able to see into the recording area. With two doors STC is 55 to 57 depending on the glass configuration and spacing. Using three doors, STC is 65. The two-door options block as much low frequencies as the 65 STC combination. Only in the upper frequencies does the 65 STC combination outperform the two-door set. Even then, the two-door combinations stop more than 55dB in the upper frequencies.

Tieline Report-IT Live

iPhone IP audio codec application
Tieline Technology
Booth C157
Report-IT Live: This application allows reporters and announcers to send live broadcast-quality IP audio wirelessly from any remote location to a Tieline IP codec in the studio. Report-IT Live can broadcast live and record the broadcast on the iPhone at the same time, so a copy of the live report can be kept. Record an interview or report offline and then go live on the air later. Users can also report live and play grabs from any recorded interview while on the air. Audio files can be forwarded in real time to a Tieline codec in the studio for recording, or uploaded via FTP to a news server with no codec required in the studio. Tieline has designed and built the Report-IT Live hardware dock (sold separately).

Content management software
Netia Digital Audio
Booth SU3502
Manreo 2: Manreo 2 offers an open, scalable architecture along with all the tools needed to simplify the cataloging, indexing, accessing and distribution of media. It is designed to maximize productivity gains in asset management and the use of rich media, which in turn can be repurposed and published to platforms such as Web portals and mobile devices. The system supports all industry-standard formats, ingesting content, generating browse proxies, enriching media through speech-to-text functionality, and providing easy access to media. It also now incorporates the new Netia Workflow Engine as well as the Hypercast Warehouse set of archiving tools, a flexible platform entirely dedicated to media asset management. This powerful archiving manager at the heart of the system interfaces with acquisition, production, automation and storage applications.

Wireworks MCat524

CAT-5e network cabling
Booth C8612
MCat524: The MCat524 is multipin-based, multi-channel CAT-5e network cabling that eliminates individual cable runs, reducing the wear and tear on equipment by utilizing a sturdy multipin connector instead of the standard RJ-45 connector, creating a rugged point-to-point secure connection. MCat5 tails are configured to support six channels of 10/100/1000Base-T signals and equipment requiring four pairs per RJ-45. Tails are also available to support 12 channels of 10/100Base-T utilizing cable sharing technology. These cables are heavy-duty, yet small and light. Sections are available in lengths up to 250'.

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Microwave Service Corporation Block Down Converters

Digital COFDM and analog transmissions converter
Microwave Service Corporation
Booth C6419
Block Down Converters: Available in the 2.0-2.7GHz band as well as the UHF bands (450-850MHz), Microwave Service Company's block down converters are designed to convert digital COFDM and analog transmissions to their respective signal range. The converter is a single conversion BDC with low phase noise and high linearity. Its front end features an LNA and ceramic filter that delivers a 3.5dB noise figure with a minimum conversion gain of 24dB. The UHF model also delivers a 3.5dB noise figure with an overall typical conversion gain of 24dB. DC power can be supplied locally or remotely via the coax to the IF output to both versions.

Messagecasting software add-on
Broadcast Electronics
Booth C1628
TRECast: Broadcast Electronics' Message Manager suite marketed under The Radio Experience (TRE) no offers new functions for RBDS, HD Radio, the Internet and Twitter. TRECast is a tool for creating instant unscheduled messages such as weather warnings, news alerts, or even live contest details to be delivered instantly to a single station or group of stations. These messages can be archived to a message clipboard for immediate access by announcers at any time, and from any station in the network for redistribution on RBDS, HD Radio, the Web or Twitter. This is in addition to TRE's new social network tagging capabilities, giving listeners the ability to receive a station's now playing data as well as earmark songs for purchase through the station's social networking feeds such as Twitter and Facebook. Compatible with BE's AudioVault and most other major automation systems, TRE messagecasting software enables operators to schedule text messages in much the same way they would schedule music, with a complete set of tools for generating and tracking advertiser, as well as promotional messages.

ATI Group MCDA-208/WC106

Studio master clock sync generator
ATI Group
Booth C1720
MCDA-208/WC106: The Model MCDA-208/WC106 contains an ultra-low jitter 192kHz studio master sync generator, two independent 1¡Á4 AES/EBU digital audio distribution amplifiers and a 1¡Á6 clock distribution amplifier. It is designed to give studios centralized control over their digital audio signals. When used as a studio master clock, the MCDA can generate an exceptionally stable 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 or 192kHz clock reference for the purpose of synchronizing all digital equipment. Automatic fallback allows external sync signals to be used, with the internal generator providing backup if external timing is lost.

AES digital to analog converter
Booth C4342
AESDA: The AESDA provides AES digital-to-analog conversion while providing diagnostic analysis of the incoming digital signal to help in troubleshooting signal faults. It features 110ohms balanced and 75ohms unbalanced inputs. Dual function level meters display either digital input signal level or analog output level. Dual function LEDs display digital input information or signal condition/fault type. It also features separate balanced XLR and 3.5mm headphone outputs; each output has its own volume control.

Tascam DR-2d

Portable recorder
Booth SL1717
DR-2d: The DR-2d is a portable digital recorder that brings high-resolution recording to a compact package. It offers up to 96kHz/24-bit audio resolution, capturing WAV or MP3 files to SD Card media. The new stereo condenser microphone design has a 74dB signal-to-noise ratio for dynamic recordings. The dual recording feature prevents overload by recording a second track at lower level, ensuring recordings won't be ruined by distortion. The DR-2d offers variable speed audition to slow down music without changing the pitch. A metronome and digital effects are also included, as well as an overdub feature for sound-on-sound recording.

Four-bay broadband FM antenna
ERI-Electronics Research
Booth C2032
Rototiller Axiom: The four-bay Axiom master FM antenna is a light-weight option as a main or auxiliary FM antenna for multiple FM stations. It has been used to provide backup FM transmission facilities for multiple FM stations in a single market area and as an emergency standby that can be deployed to restore service following a facility disaster.

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Hosa Technology HDC-800

Dynamic stereo headphones
Hosa Technology
Booth SL2507
HDC-800: HDC-800 headphones feature closed earpieces for isolation and bass response combined with a collapsible, fold-flat design for convenient storage. The dynamic stereo headphones employ 40mm drivers for linear frequency response that extends from 20Hz through 20kHz. Featuring a gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plug and 1/4" adaptor, the headphones are outfitted with a 10' cable. An extra-wide headband ensures comfort.

Printed acoustic panels
Acoustical Solutions
Booth C4937
Acoustiprint: With Acoustiprint acoustical panels, beautifully printed images transform acoustical treatment into wall display art. Decorate a station with customizable panels featuring station logos. Acoustiprint panels are Class 1 fire rated, NRC rated at 0.85-1.15, available in custom sizes with various mounting systems and optional beveled or radius edges.

CGS Infographics Automation Closenow

Automated closings
CGS Infographics Automation
Booth SU2602
Closenow: This system automates the collection and distribution of weather-related school, business, church and activity closings. Designated officials have the choice to submit a closing or delay through an encrypted website log-in process, or through a password-protected, touch-tone voice-prompt system. Closing information is made available for station personnel in a Web browser interface. The system automatically updates the information to one or multiple station websites. Closenow also now has an automated voice synthesis feature to read the closings on air. In addition, CGS offers an optional service to deliver automated e-mail and/or text alerts to subscribers. A listener can opt in to receive alerts on a specific organization through a station's website.

Free sound effects
Blastwave FX
Booth SL8813
Download Pack 1: The Free Sound Effects Download Pack 1 contains 68 favorite sound effects selections from 40 Blastwave FX libraries. Sonic novelties include angry goat bleating, bursting fireballs, robot footsteps, a pixie dust fly-by, digital glitch, low frequency tremors and much more. The 68 sound effects are available for all to use on a royalty-free basis via a Creative Commons License.

Sonifex RB-DMX4

Digital audio mixer/router
Booth C2739
RB-DMX4: The RB-DMX4 is a digital mixer capable of mixing or routing four mono input channels into four mono outputs, or two stereo inputs into two stereo outputs. The inputs are sample rate converted to allow sources of different sample rates to be mixed. The flexible Mix Matrix allows for a wide variety of mixing options and creativity, using four blocks of four-way DIP switches to select which inputs are mixed or routed to which outputs. Each input has a trim pot. Audio presence LEDs around each input button give an indication of input audio level. There is one LED for each channel. There are also four presence LEDs around the monitor button that give an indication of output level. Additional gain can be added by accessing the output gain mode.

NKK Switches HB2 Series

Subminiature pushbuttons
NKK Switches
Booth N6425
HB2 Series: The HB2 Series of subminiature pushbuttons offer full-face illumination and quiet actuation. The compact and contemporary series was developed in response to design engineers' requests for a smaller version of NKK's KP01 Series of pushbuttons. HB2 Series switches are SPST momentary devices featuring quiet actuation combined with a crisp tactile feedback. These pushbuttons come standard with either red/green or red/yellow bicolor built-in LEDs; the red/yellow combination can be combined to produce amber illumination. The LEDs are an integral part of the design and as a result, illumination is evenly diffused throughout.

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