Anchor Audio Communications/Portaco ProLink 500

May 6, 2011

Wireless intercom system

This digital wireless intercom system is easy to configure and easy to operate. The system allows duplex communication by four users with a master belt pack and three remote belt packs. It has a 500' line of sight range, and built-in Bluetooth capability. The transmitter and receiver operate utilizing in the FCC license free 902-928MHz range for the United States without the need for a base station. The ergonomically designed belt packs have a sturdy XLR headset jack, two heavy duty antennas, headset volume control, microphone gain control, A/B channel selection and PTT or always on mode. The out of range LED indicator tells each user when to move closer to the master belt pack. A gang charger is available to charge up to four belt packs on one device.

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