Audioarts Engineering X-12 Digital

April 4, 2011

Audioarts X-12 Digital

Radio console

Featuring a low-profile 12-fader control surface that''s as simple to install and use as an analog console, the X-12 Digital's modular I/O design allows the use of analog or AES digital sources or a combination of these. Input channels each have selectable A/B sources, LED-illuminated on, off, and cue switches, and access to three stereo program buses. Monitoring facilities with volume control are available for control room and studio. There''s a built-in cue speaker and a built-in headphone jack, both with their own amplifiers and level controls. In addition to the main program bus meters, there is a stereo pair of switched LED bargraph meters that can monitor a variety of signals. The X-12 Digital is also equipped with a patchable USB port for audio transfer to and from a computer or other device.

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