Audion Laboratories VoxPro5

April 16, 2013

Audio editor
VoxPro5's new features, a Multi-Track View (MTV) and on-screen HotKeys, provide an all-in-one broadcast production tool experience. Users now have the ability to record, edit, and add sound effects and music to a recorded bit as well as assigning it to an on-screen HotKey for replay and broadcast. An updated screen layout makes it easy to switch from Classic VoxPro view to one showing MTV and HotKey banks with the click of an icon and provide the user with the option of setting up their preferred layout when using VoxPro. Users can add multiple tracks underneath their master recordings with a drag and drop feature. Each separate multi-track has its own popup edit window for additional editing of that file as needed and includes all the features of the master recording window.

What the judges had to say:
"The simplicity of VoxPro with more features, like support tracks."
"The classic view is still available; good for my jocks who don't like change."

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