AudioScience ASI5211

September 15, 2010

DSP-based audio card

An update to the ASI5111 card, ASI5211 is a PCI Express (PCIe) version. It is a professional grade DSP-based audio card that ensures glitch-free performance by removing time critical audio processing burdens from the PC. The ASI5211 has two stereo record streams fed from either a balanced analog input or an AES/EBU digital input, four stereo play streams mixed to both a balanced analog output and an AES/EBU digital output, and a microphone input with low noise pre-amp and 48V phantom power supply. The analog input/output level on the ASI5211 has been increased to +24dBu. A noise gate has aslso been added. Finally, the new GPIO on the ASI5211 adds two opto-isolated inputs and two normally open relay outputs.

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