AudioScience Expands Licensing of 25-Seven Audio Time Stretch/Shrink Technology

April 11, 2012

Las Vegas, NV - Apr 11, 2012 - AudioScience is releasing a 64-channel Livewire software driver licensing the same advanced 25-Seven audio time algorithms found in AudioScience's ubiquitous range of sound cards. Using 25-Seven's proprietary intellectual property, the driver offers real-time audio compression and expansion of playback streams of up to 20 percent. AudioScience's TSX time scaling is imperceptible to listeners when used to lengthen or shorten audio programs and segments, thanks to 25-Seven time management technology that neither affects pitch nor adds harmonic distortion or other artifacts.

25-Seven's unique audio time management know-how enables is best known for enabling superior time stretch/shrink, delay and other processing functions in its own range of solutions for radio - Audio Time Manager, Program Delay Manager, Program Length Manager and the new Precision Delay. Companies interested in licensing these algorithms for their products are invited to contact Geoff Steadman, president of 25-Seven Systems.

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