BE, Linear Acoustic Partner on Integrated HD Radio Processing

September 18, 2006

Quincy, IL - Sep 18, 2006 - As part of its work to enhance HD Radio multicasting, Broadcast Electronics (BE) is releasing the Aeromax-HD2SC audio processor, which is specifically tailored to HD Radio multicasting. The audio processing is embedded into the BE IDI 20 data importer.

Integrated into IDI 20 multicasting functions and designed specifically for Ibiquity's low bit-rate HDC codec, the application provides processing control on the same screen as the IDI 20 dashboard. Stations can control all multicasting functions from a single seat. The Aeromax-HD2SC combines multiband gain control, compression and limiting with advanced psychoacoustic control.

The Aeromax-HD2SC is available now as an upgrade option for new IDI 20 data importers and units already in the field.

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