Beyond These Walls - 2005 Product Source

September 1, 2005

Personal mobile navigation system
VF Gadgets
Road Ace 2: This system incorporates GPS technology to provide real time, voice driven route guidance. The unit combines GPS with the functionality of a PDA creating a compact and lightweight alternative to traditional navigation systems. It comes with a Dell Axim X50 416MHz X-scale processor Pocket PC PDA that is Bluetooth equipped. This touch screen navigation system requires no installation, and can easily fit into a pocket. High-speed mapping software covers all of Canada and the United States. The mapping data is stored on one 256MB Secure Digital card with all major North American road mapping installed in the turnkey unit. The system is mounted in the car by a windshield-mounted gooseneck cradle and speaker, which plugs into any 12V power supply. The GPS antenna is accurate within 3 meters and connects directly into the PDA through a compact flash port on top of the PDA.

Power strip
Plugmold Tough: This power strip combines multiple power outlets with a diamond-plate housing. The power strip mounts on the wall or workbench, enabling multiple tools and accessories to be continuously plugged in and ready. The strips are 48" long and provide five duplex 15A receptacles for a total of 10 outlets. The assemblies plug into existing outlets with no hard-wiring. Units feature a built-in circuit breaker for added protection.
fax 860-232-2062

Folding saw
Fold-a-saw: This saw is comprised of two folding swing arms that nest neatly into the U-shaped channel. Space is provided inside this channel for storage of two hacksaw blades. The Fold-a-saw accepts standard 12" blades, it features a built-in guard and soft, cushioned rubber inserts for comfort. Latches hold the blade in place while it is tensioned by a fast, cam-action lever. The blade locking system is adjustable to tension the blade with high force for maximum frame rigidity. The blade locking system secures the blade tightly.
fax 203-324-7844

Fingerprint Door Lock
Mata Biotech
M28: This door lock combines a conventional cylinder lockset with fingerprint recognition technology. It can store as many as 10 fingerprints, and has the ability to delete and enroll individual fingerprints from its memory without needing a computer link. The lock is constructed from durable zinc-alloy metal and requires no hard wiring. The lock uses standard alkaline AA batteries and provides a warning signal when power is low.

Cable tester
Mad Scientist
Cable Scientist NL8/NL4: Built in a 16-gauge steel case and covered in a blue powder coat, this unit is built for the rigors of the road. To test a cable, insert each end into send and receive respectively, and then step through the number of conductors in the cable via the rotary switch. The LEDs above the switch indicate correct or incorrect wiring. If the cable is wired correctly each step of the switch will light the corresponding top and bottom red and green LEDs. If the cable is wired incorrectly, the cable tester will indicate which pins are swapped and if it is on the send or receive end. Red LEDs indicate receive and green LEDs indicate send. The unit comes standard with NL8, NL4, XLR ¼" TRS, RCA and BNC connectors. An EP connector version is also available.

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