Beyond These Walls - 2009 Product Source

September 2, 2009

When the work is outside the studio

Altinex AV Portal+

Wall plate system
AV Portal+: Designed as a wall-mount AV connection system, a comprehensive range of receptacles, switches, connectors and ports are available. Bezels are easy to install, robust and require no tools to remove or replace. Black, brass or steel bezels are available, plus a 10-slot mounting plate that holds the various sectional plates. Configuration of the sectional plates is coordinated by Altinex. Using a series of screw-driven clamps that press and secure the mounting plate into the wall slot, installation of the system is quick and easy and requires nothing more than a Phillips screwdriver -- after which, the bezel snaps into place to provide a quality finished appearance.

BTX Dataprobe Iboot

Web-controlled power switch
Dataprobe Iboot: BTX is now Datapobe's A/V distributor in the U.S. and will carry the Iboot Web-controlled power switch and the Iboot Bar remote power management system. Iboot is a 10/100 Ethernet-network-attached, IP-addressed, Web-controlled power switch. Anyone with a Web browser can access Iboot to perform power on, off, or reboot (timed power shutdown). Dataprobe's rack-mounted, network-controlled power strips allow remote power management to reboot, or power on or off any ac device. The Iboot Bar system provides independent control of each outlet on the device from the Web, Telnet and simple network management protocol (SNMP). Iboot Bar enables network access plus out-of-band control via serial port and internal modem with both data and DTMF tone dial control.

Hosa Technology Standard and Pro series

Wall plates
Hosa Technology
Standard and Pro series: Available in both single and dual gang configurations, these wall plates bring order to the common challenge of cable clutter. They are available with all the standard pro audio connectors, including XLR3F, XLR3M, 1/4" TRS (balanced phone), 1/4" TS (unbalanced phone), and 4-pole Speakon. The Standard series features generic non-locking connectors while the Pro series features Neutrik locking connectors. Both series of wall plates are manufactured using US32D satin stainless steel precut to accommodate industry standard D-style connectors.

Intrinsic Net My Sine

Remote control
Intrinsic Net
My Sine: The easy-to-use computer-based application allows quick and simple setup of a Sine Systems RFC 1/B remote control, avoiding the time-consuming process of entering everything with a telephone keypad. My Sine allows users to keep multiple sites in one single database. Multiple RFC configurations can be maintained in one central location. Programming can be through remote DTMF, local DTMF or serial connection. A built-in 10-key phone pad allows users to check the programming on the fly inside the program. No need to disconnect cables or restart the program to check work.

L-com Global Connectivity UADAA90 Series

USB right-angle adapters
L-com Global Connectivity
UADAA90 Series: The DB15 allows cables to mate at a 90-degree angle to avoid nearby obstructions, features a 1" low profile, 100 percent shielding throughout for protection against EMI/RFI; gold contact plating provides reliable connections with repeated mating cycles and connector options are DB9, DB15, DB25 or HD15 male to female with two exit orientations. The new right angle adapters are perfect for applications that require cables to be connected in tight spaces. They come in either exit 1 or exit 2 styles so the cable can approach from either direction.

When the work is outside the studio

Ledtronics LED High-Power PAR30

Narrow-beam spotlight bulb
LED High-Power PAR30: This general-purpose bulb is made up of five 3Watt, high-power LEDs and replaces filament-based PAR30 bulbs, combining advanced LED technologies, standard ac voltages, 26mm Edison screw-in base, and light-optimizing design, producing 367 lumens or 2,938cd total end foot candles. The 15-degree narrow-beam PAR30A LED bulb runs on a voltage range of 85V to 260V ac current. Other voltages like 12Vac or dc are optionally available. The Ledtronics PAR30A-style lamp is a direct screw-in replacement for up to 75W PAR30 incandescent or halogen bulbs, but has a maximum power draw of only 9.5W.

Locking system
Master Lock
Truck Bed U-Lock: Master Lock's Truck Bed U-Lock locking system safely secures virtually anything you can carry in a pick-up truck''s cargo area. The Truck Bed U-Lock is designed to deter grab-and-go theft of valuable items as well as constant shifting of objects being hauled. Anchored by a weather proof lock and cable system, the U-Lock is a semi-permanent device whose locking body swivels 190 degrees and it fits into most pick-up truck bed stack hole pockets without any drilling. It is constructed of a hardened steel shackle with a lock body, has a key cover to protect it from the elements and uses Mast Lock''s patented Python-style cylinder which allows the cylinder to be changed to make keyed alike sets for use with multiple Truck Bed U-Locks.

Sealevel Sealink/PC.SC, Sealink+2/PC.SC

Embedded USB to serial adapter
Sealink/PC.SC, Sealink+2/PC.SC: Sealink/PC.SC (one-port) and Sealink+2/PC.SC (two-port) embedded USB-to-serial adapter with a PC bracket can be used for adding serial ports to any PC using the computer's internal USB connection. The serial ports are software configurable for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485, which eliminates the need for an external converter and provides a clean, professional installation. All configuration and electrical interface selections are handled through the driver software, so it is not necessary to shut down the computer or open the system enclosure to set jumpers or dipswitches. Additionally, the devices maintain their electrical interface settings in hardware, allowing the host computer to be repaired or upgraded without reconfiguring the serial ports.

Sierra Multimedia Microgen TS9080

FM modulation and AF spectrum analyzer
Sierra Multimedia
Microgen TS9080: The TS9080 FM modulation and AF spectrum analyzer has been designed for precision monitoring of FM radio broadcasts. Connected to a standard Windows PC via a USB port, its user-friendly interface displays all modulation data on screen for analysis. The enclosure is a custom-designed dual-chamber aluminum extrusion. Audio outputs are provided for headphone or loudspeaker monitoring, with full RBDS decoding available and live off-air data recording. Broadcast data is automatically logged with the included Ilog software. Remote control is possible with simple text file commands allowing the unit to be controlled from third party software applications. Unique to this class of product is a FFT spectrum analyzer.

Storage Appliance Clickfree Traveler

PC backup device
Storage Appliance
Clickfree Traveler: As light as a pen and the size of a credit card, the flash-based Traveler slips easily into a wallet, allowing business travelers, photographers, music lovers and others to carry up to 64GBs of data in their hip pocket or purse. Despite its small size, the Traveler includes an auto-launch feature, so there is no need to install or configure software. Just insert the Traveler's USB plug into a PC, and Clickfree does the rest, searching, copying and organizing more than 400 file types of digital data including documents (Word, Excel, Power Point), Outlook e-mail and contacts, photos, video, music, and even favorite websites.

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