February 10, 2014


simplifies audience interaction on talk radio by allowing listeners to compose, record, and review their thoughts, comments, or questions before sending them on to their chosen radio show instantly. A comprehensive Web-based Studio Admin Panel allows producers to easily preview and manage incoming s prior to air. Additionally, hosts can pre-designate a maximum length for incomings from 10 to 60 seconds depending on factors such as the topic at hand or available air time. The time allowance will be displayed on the listener's app so he knows how much time he has left. Users can then review and re-record their thoughts and opinions as many times as desired to ensure that he "gets it right" before sending the sound bites to the show. is an ideal substitute for toll-free lines, a particular consideration for budget conscious Web stations and audio bloggers, and s can be simultaneously posted to a station's Facebook or Twitter feed for maximum reach. An embeddable Web player showcases s on any webpage - allowing visitors to hear what people are saying about the topics being discussed on a given show.

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