BW Broadcast V2

April 1, 2013

BW Broadcast v2

FM transmitters
V2 transmitters include multi-band DSPX audio processing, so stations without a dedicated processor work right out of the box. Those who already have external processing benefit from unique dual-loop virtual VFO exciter and ultra-low distortion. "Gold clamp" transistors can be changed in minutes with only a screwdriver and without needing a soldering iron. Slide-in universal power supplies make replacement easy and heatsink design ensures ultra-long life thanks to ingenious airflow. Carefully chosen fans are rated with more than 10-years life at 120 degrees F. An Ethernet connection is on every V2 with smart phone apps for remote management. Features include alarms and email alerts, a real time clock, comprehensive logging, and a high resolution OLED display for metering processing. Models are available from 5W-1500W.

What the judges had to say:
"Lots of great features in a small package."
"Built-in audio processing -- quite a plus."

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