Condenser microphone

November 1, 2000

AKG C 4500B-BC: A condenser microphone with transformerless output, the AKG C 4500B-BC is immune to electro-magnetic fields. Its all-metal housing and double-screening of all acoustically open sections of the microphone provide shielding capability. The C 4500B-BC offers a front-end firing capsule position, electro-magnetic screening, internal pop-filter and does not require additional outboard processing. A 120Hz roll-off filter is integrated into the C 4500B-BC, while a -20 dB pre-attenuation pad allows users to replace dynamic microphones without changing the adjusted gain structure on associated equipment. The low self noise and high overload point of the AKG C 4500B-BC offer a dynamic range of more than 135dB.

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