Dalke Broadcast Services All-digital Antenna Monitor

May 10, 2013

All-digital Antenna Monitor

Digital AM array monitor
A new, graphic display for AM antenna systems, the company says it's likely the first significant change in AM antenna monitoring since 1932. Sample loops are connected via fiber optic cables to the monitor. All the towers are shown on a graphic display, with boxes to represent the correct phase and ratio within +/-3 degrees and +/- 5 percent. An out-of-tolerance tower shows as a red dot, and an in-tolerance tower shows as a green dot. As the array is tuned, the dots will visually move in an out of tolerance. The length of the sample line can be digitally measured to account for variations in line length. The controller can be accessed via Wi-fi, so the display can be remotely displayed, whether it's in front of the phasor or at a tower ATU. A GPS receiver provides the frequency reference stability. Digital sample filters can be applied for diplexed antenna systems.

What the judges had to say:
"A long overdue update to antenna monitoring."
"No more need for equal-length monitor lines."

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