Digigram Cancun

October 10, 2011

USB sound card
Cancun is a range of high-end mobile USB sound cards for on-the-go audio professionals. The first two models in the series are the Cancun 442-Mic and 222-Mic, a four-in/four-out and a two-in/two-out respectively, simultaneous analog + AES I/O device. Both offer no less than 2x500 MIPS dual-core processing power embedded in a robust casing. Features include a mic preamp, professional analog level of +24dBu max and guaranteed low latency of under 3ms. Its design also incorporates a thin and durable touch panel with LED lights hidden beneath the surface as well as housing all of the required connectivity for a Neutrik XLR plug for professional microphones. A companion software application presents the user with all the relevant information regarding the sound card.

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