DM Engineering Ultimate Mini-LP

December 19, 2012

Handheld EAS remote control
Featuring one-touch buttons, the Ultimate Mini will initiate an RWT, relay a pending alert or RMT, kill a pending alert and clear its easy-to-read back-lit 20-character LCD sign that displays any alert received or sent, along with a flashing LED strobe that changes color with the severity of the message. The system includes a DB9 interface module that connects to available COM ports on the rear of the Sage Endec, and features terminal connections for a contact closure from an automation system or any other switch to initiate an RWT. Connection between the remote control and the interface module is by means of a 50í CAT5e cable that is provided. This cable may be extended up to several hundred feet if required. The Ultimate Mini-LP adds two functions: it initiates an RMT header and sends an RMT EOM for stations that initiate required monthly tests.

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