Do You Remember?: Microphones

December 1, 2010

FDR with Western Electric Model 618-A mics

FDR with Western Electric Model 618-A mics

As if we didn't give you enough classic microphone pics in our Trends in Technology feature this month, here are some more from Electro-Voice we stumbled upon that weren't mentioned in the article. All mics are owned by Ron Petersen Sr., owner of KMXL-FM/KDMO-AM, Carthage, MO. Also, thanks to our sister publication, Mix magazine, we've got this great shot of FDR using the Western Electric Model 618-A. Do you have a favorite vintage broadcast mic we didn't mention? Send us your photos and/or comment below. Also, follow the links below for more information on the Electro-Voice models mentioned in this article.

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