Eventide BD600E

July 21, 2011

Obscenity delay

The BD600E offers 16 bipolar opto-isolated inputs that may be configured to drive many BD600E functions or as general-purpose delay inputs; 16 open-collector outputs that may be configured to display BD600E status indicators or to pass through delayed versions of the inputs; and an RS-232 output to provide a delayed version of the input for driving a time display or for other control purposes. The BD600E features improved audio performance and expanded obscenity delay capabilities up to 80 seconds. Other features include the exclusive panic function, which stores a .WAV file on a compact flash card to be played when the button is pressed. While the file, which may be a jingle or station ID or any other message, is played, the delay buffer is rebuilding, allowing programming to as soon as the jingle has completed.

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