Field Report: JBL Control 2P

October 1, 2009

Field Report, Oct. 2009

Inasmuch as we try to monitor and tweak our audio mixes, feeds and production pieces, sometimes situations arise where we must evaluate audio on the run. Voice-over booths, production trucks and engineering room monitoring are all environments where precise evaluation of audio is critical, and 20Hz to 20kHz is not absolutely necessary. In addition, many times these scenarios are made difficult by oversized speakers and the need for an amplifier. The JBL Control 2P compact powered reference monitors are the perfect solution for high-quality audio referencing where space is limited and accurate monitoring is vital.

JBL Control 2P

The Control 2P stereo pair is designed to allow for installation nearly anywhere, especially where space is tight. The speakers are shipped with two snap-on pedestals that optimize the listening angle when the speakers are set on a desktop. The master speaker (which houses the amplifiers for both speakers) weighs only 5.5 pounds and the extension speaker weighs 4.5 pounds making both simple to wall mount. Each speaker stands approximately 9" high, 6" deep and 6" wide and is equipped with a 5.25" low frequency driver and 0.75" dome tweeter. The crossover point is at 4.2kHz. Both speakers combined will produce an SPL of 115dB with a frequency response of 80Hz to 20kHz. All inputs to the Control 2P connect at the master speaker via balanced Neutrik combo XLR-1/4" TRS jacks or unbalanced RCA jacks. The system has an internal peak limiter, which serves as overload protection.

Performance at a glance
80Hz - 20kHz frequency response
35W powered speakers
0.75" tweeter, 5.25" woofer
Shielded transducers
Wall-mount capable

An added feature on the Control 2P speaker pair is a 3.5mm headphone jack located on the side of the master speaker. The speakers mute when headphones are plugged in, allowing for private listening. A dial is situated next to the headphone jack for volume control of the speakers and headphones.

Get connected

All connections and controls are located on the back of the master speaker. Power for both speaker amplifiers and dc power input are located on the master speaker as is a high frequency adjustment. The HF adjustment provides -2dB or +2dB high frequency roll off. Unbalanced and balanced inputs make the Control 2P handy in every audio system setup. The mounting bracket attachment points on both speakers are compatible with ¼-20 TPI fittings and allow for the attachment of the optional MTC-2P wall mounting bracket. Each speaker has a safety bar for an optional safety cable or lanyard, which provides added safety when mounting the speakers overhead. The extension speaker (which serves as the “left” speaker in the system) connects to the master speaker via a ¼" to bare terminal cable (the extension speaker has red and black spring loaded bare wire connectors).

JBL Control 2P rear panel

Both speakers are covered by a black metal grill that protects the LF and HF drivers, port tube and two LEDS. The red LED will flash if the system is overdriven and nearing thermal protection mode. When the LED is on continuously, the system should be turned off and allowed to cool. This feature is an added bonus that warns the user when he is misusing the speakers. The white LED is simply an indicator that the system is powered on.


The JBL Control 2P compact speaker system put simply is loud. Generating an SPL well past 100dB, the pair provides excellent stereo monitoring where ambient noise is present and acoustics are less than perfect. Tight spaces, small recording rooms, trucks and engineering spaces are ideal environments for the Control 2P pair, and users will find the performance and sound reproduction the system provides to be the right solution.

Wygal is the station engineer at Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA.

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