Focusrite Audio Engineering Control 2802

September 6, 2011

Recording console/DAW

Control 2802 is a small-format analog recording console and a DAW control surface in one. It forms both the digital control nerve center and the analog heart of the modern professional project studio. Control 2802 includes eight Class-A microphone preamps, a mixer handling up to 32 simultaneous inputs, and a master bus compressor featuring parallel compression. Control every major digital audio workstation with the Control 2802. Dual Layer Control Technology lets users flip from analog fader layer to DAW layer in an instant, accessing fully integrated control of DAW faders, auxes, plug-ins, automation, project navigation, etc. Its motorized 100mm analog and DAW control faders can both be fully automated. Easily adjust DAW channel auxes, inserts and groups within Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and Nuendo via a HUI interface

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