Henry Engineering SAM

May 6, 2011

Stereo audio monitor

A digital/analog stereo level and phase meter, SAM uses single stereo display technology to display both channels of a stereo audio signal using one LED meter. The display utilizes tri-color LEDs, showing the left channel in green, the right channel in red, and both (L+R) channels displayed in yellow. By watching the display, an observer can easily read the levels of both audio channels, see the balance between the channels, and instantly see if a channel is missing. SAM uses a second single stereo display to show the sum (L+R) and difference (L-R) components of a stereo signal. An observer can instantly see if excessive L-R levels could indicate phase error or a polarity reversal in the audio chain. The meter accepts either an AES/EBU digital input or analog inputs. It accurately indicates system levels over a range of -25 to +3 VU. A headphone jack is provided for aural monitoring.

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