iBiquity Releases Persona Radio Application Notes

December 1, 2010

NAB's Tech Check publication is reporting that iBiquity Digital has released a set of application notes on its Persona Radio project, a proof-of-concept radio that would allow users to personalize their devices and receive special content from participating HD Radio broadcasters.

Although still in its developmental stages, iBiquity hopes the application can bring HD Radio the kind of cachet now reserved for online media platforms by allowing users to input certain personal information and preferences into their radios. That data would then be used to filter, store, and hold additional text, audio and graphical info transmitted via HD Radio's ancillary data capacity for later recall and replacement of other content -- a concept its developer refers to as "content insertion."

Development of the Persona Radio project is being carried on by iBiquity in partnership with NAB's Fastroad technology advocacy program.

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