Icon Collective Chooses KRK Systems

August 6, 2014

BURBANK, CALIF. — Burbank, Calif.-based music production school Icon Collective is outfitted with monitors from KRK Systems, including 11 pairs of Rokit 10-3 Three Way Monitors and two pairs of VXT Active Studio Monitors.

The school''s recent move brought Icon to the former Enterprise Studios''15,000-square-foot facility. It has 11 studios and two mixing theaters, which Icon co-founders David Alexander and Christopher Wright turned into classrooms, studios and labs. As part of the update, the duo sought a set of speakers that would unify the audio to give students one feel, especially between the larger studios and smaller rooms.

“The mixing theaters that we have were actually sound stages previously used to mix movies, so they are a perfect acoustic environment,” said Alexander. “But, we needed a larger speaker to fill the space. The KRKs gave us the perfect balance between quality and volume, the two features that we were primarily looking for in those rooms. For the other studios, where the students are producing their own music, we wanted a speaker that was rugged and could handle a big load because they generally want to push the volume to get more of a club feel. They''re definitely able to do that with the 10-3s, which also have great low volumes for critical listening.”

Students often use the equipment on their own, which presents challenges. “The KRKs bring us a sense of reliability and durability,” said Alexander. “They can take the abuse from the students and produce a high-quality sound.”

The school also ordered two pairs of VXT''s for the mixing rooms, known as Studio Alpha and Studio Genesis.

KRK Systems, part of the Gibson Pro Audio division, features four series of monitoring systems —both passive and active and available in a variety of sizes.

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