iKey-Audio Mv-2 Series

August 16, 2010

iKey-Audio Mv2 Series

These active studio monitors feature a front-firing bass port, soft-domed tweeter, and glass aramid composite woofer. Four models are available: M-808v2 (8" woofer, 100W, 45Hz - 20kHz), M-606v2 (6" woofer, 65W, 50Hz - 20kHz), M-505v2 (5" woofer, 50W, 55Hz - 20kHz) and 10Sv2 (10" subwoofer, 175W, 35Hz - 200Hz). The monitors include a volume control and HF adjust control, XLR and TRS balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs, power switch, 110/220 power selector and IEC power connector. The subwoofer has left and right inputs and a TRS left and right output, crossover control, phase switch and auto power switch.

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