Inovonics Ships David IV Processor

January 26, 2012

Inovonics David IV

Felton, CA - Jan 26, 2012 - The David IV from Inovonics is the firm's latest broadcast processor for analog and HD Radio FM and streaming. The processor continues the David (vs. Goliath) tradition of features, value and performance in a DSP-based design.

The David IV sports five bands of dynamic range compression and equalization, gain-riding AGC, stereo field enhancements, sub-bass augmentation, and Inovonics' patented PIPP limiter. Also included are 25 factory presets optimized for popular contemporary world formats and 20 customizable user presets that can shared over station networks.

Processing is integrated with a high-performance stereo generator, featuring multiple independent level outputs, and an RDS sync with active and metered internal combining. This makes the David IV a total package for broadcasters from mixing board to transmitter.

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