JBL Professional JRX200 Series

April 25, 2013

Portable passive loudspeakers
Upgraded JRX200 Series portable passive PA loudspeakers feature an improved high-performance compression driver, an updated, more professional appearance and additional enhancements. The four models include the JRX212 12" two-way loudspeaker/stage monitor, JRX215 15" two-way speaker, JRX225 dual-15" two-way speaker and JRX218S 18" compact subwoofer. Every loudspeaker (except the JRX218S subwoofer) now incorporates the JBL 2414H-C1" polymer diaphragm compression driver, which offers better high-frequency performance and improved reliability. The 2414H-C driver is mated to JBL's Progressive Transition waveguide, which provides constant beamwidth and directivity across a best-in-class 90-degree horizontal/50-degree vertical coverage pattern, along with smoother frequency response and a more seamless blend with the woofer.

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