JBL Professional STX800 Series

May 14, 2012

Portable loudspeakers
These six passive loudspeaker models combine exceptional sound quality with rugged, travel-friendly construction, extreme power handling capability and integration with Crown's VRack amplifier V5 level processing and Harman JBL HiQnet Performance Manager software. The JBL STX800 Series models include: the 12", two-way STX812M; the 15", two-way STX815M; the dual 15", two-way STX825; the dual 15", slot-loaded three-way STX835; the 18" STX818S subwoofer; and the dual 18" STX828S subwoofer. They utilize JBL high-power-handling drivers that deliver extremely low distortion and precision waveguides for accurate pattern control.

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