JK Audio RIU-IP Update

March 28, 2011

Telephone hybrid remote interface

The re-introduction of this interface features a complete redesign of the Web server, supporting innkeeper 1-, 2-, and 4-line digital hybrids. The Web server allows the user to send and receive control data through a Web browser. Remote control capabilities include: indication of incoming ring per line; take phone line off-hook or on-hook; indication of off-hook on on-hook status per line; DTMF dialing with Flashhook; set auto-answer and ring count; start and stop conference (innkeeper 2); adjust transmit and receive level per line (innkeeper 2 and 4); master send configuration (innkeeper 2 and 4); call hold (innkeeper 2 and 4); test tone start/stop per line; and no external power required.

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