K-Sun PEARLabel 270, PEARLabel 360

February 7, 2013

Label printers
PEARLabel high-resolution label makers can label things such as racks and cabinets, circuit boards, outlets, wire-wrap, heat-shrink tubing, telecom cabling, computer cabling, installation equipment, connectors, wire cables, patch panels, sub panels, pathways, face plates, ANSI/TIA/EIA-606-A label standards, color coding, port identifiers, grounding/bonding locations prototypes, and supplier/service identification. The labelers use durable thermal transfer printing technology on K-Sun LABELShop heat shrink tube, wire wrap, cable flag, adhesive tape, iron-on fabric, magnetic, reflective, photoluminescent and many more specialty supplies. K-Sun LABELShop cartridges are universally compatible with K-Sun printers.

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