Logitek JetStream Plus

June 19, 2014

Audio networking
JetStream Plus, with a dense 240-channel AoIP networking, occupies only 4RU. It provides ample audio I/O for rack rooms and TOCs, and can operate multiple Logitek digital consoles simultaneously. The JetStream Plus offers high density I/O configurable by the user to precisely tailor audio and networking requirements with a minimum of components and with minimal rack space. Fifteen card slots are provided for analog inputs, digital inputs, analog outputs, digital outputs, SDI inputs and microphone preamps. A drop-down front panel makes access to cards easy, and redundant power supplies ensure robust performance. Any size Logitek console (Pilot, ROC, Mosaic, Artisan or vMix+) can be accommodated, and up to 4 consoles (36 faders total) may be operated via the JetStream Plus.

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