Lowell Manufacturing Company Model Series FW, FT

July 27, 2012

Rackmount fan panels
These built-in thermostat options for 19" panels feature whisper-quiet or turbo fans. It is actually built right into the cord, activating and deactivating fans when ambient temperatures reach pre-set points. The thermostat automatically turns fans on when the ambient temperature hits 86 degrees F, and off when the temperature is 72 degrees F. This power-saving feature ensures efficient fan operation, while saving rack space. Model Series FW (whisper) features a 4.7" diameter, 50cfm airflow rating, 28dB noise rating, and requires 5.5W of power. Model Series FT (turbo) features a single 10" diameter fan (19" E.I.A. 7U panel) has 550cfm airflow rating and 50.8dB noise rating, requiring 61W of power. The package includes front/rear fan guards and cord.

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