Mackie ProFX16, ProFX22

June 6, 2011

Mackie ProFX16

Live mixers

With increased channel count and useful tools like dedicated inline compression, both of these new models are do-it-all live sound solutions. The 16-channel ProFX16 and 22-channel ProFX22 feature front end Mackie low-noise, high-headroom preamps work with LED metering and 60mm faders on each channel keep levels in check. Every channel also features three-band EQ. All ProFX mixers offer an integrated 32-bit RMFX effects processor with 16 gig-ready effects and a seven-band graphic EQ for simple tuning of mains or monitors. The built-in USB interface allows the user to record the show and stream back music for breaks or integration into the mix. A rugged, solid steel chassis with protective ABS sidecheeks offers impact-resistance.

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