Nautel LVDS

April 8, 2014

Exciter adapter
Older generation IBOC signal generators such as the Nautel NeIBOC or BE's FSi used low voltage differential signaling (LVDS), a signal standard that was utilized by iBiquity to interface second-generation IBOC signal generators to direct-to-digital exciters. Nautel's new solid-state LVDS exciter adapter eliminates the need for a GEN2 IBOC signal generator so a modern exporter can interface with the transmitter's exciter. The exciter adapter takes E2X data over an Ethernet connection and the internal Exgine modulator produces a modulated IBOC signal via LVDS. It is housed in a 1RU chassis, which is installed between the exporter and the transmitter's exciter. It can be co-located with the exciter and transmitter or can reside at the studio andconnect via the Ethernet.

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