Neutrik Debuts Fiber Optic Cable Cleaner

Don't reach for that dust cloth! May 31, 2017

SCHAAN, Lichtenstein —To bring proper fiber-optic inspection and cleaning techniques to the public as the cable becomes common within broadcast facilities, Neutrik has created a set of cleaning accessories for the company’s opticalCon Advanced high-performance cables. These connector-like attachments hold the shutter open allowing for the use of professional optical connector cleaners. This alleviated the need to jigger the shutter open or remove it to get at the ferrules.

Neutrik USA President Peter Milbery explained, “For anyone using fiber optic cables outfitted with Neutrik’s opticalCON Advanced cable connectors, these new cleaning tools are an invaluable accessory. The cleaning accessories make it easier to access and clean the sensitive fiber optic ferrules and, in doing so, ensure optimal performance.”

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