NTI Acoustilyzer AL1 Supports International Noise Curves Application

August 5, 2008

Schaan, Liechtenstein - Aug 5, 2008 - NTI demonstrated its new Noise Curve Application tool at Infocomm. The tool acquires and stores the unweighted octave data from the Acoustilyzer AL1 and plots this data against all International Noise Curve standards. The tool will be available free to all registered AL1 users in fall 2008.

By acquiring and storing the unweighted octave data with the AL1 Acoustilyzer, the user may then plot this data against any of four different international noise curve reference standards using a post-processing tool that is part of the NTI package. Noise control and evaluation is an international regulatory issue, and noise curve reference systems exist in several forms around the world (NC, PNC, NR, RC). Their purpose was to assist in objectively comparing noise with respect to frequency, usually based on octave measurements of the room or environment.

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