Omnia, Nautel Unveil Omnia Direct Digital Composite Interface

April 8, 2013

Cleveland - Apr 8, 2013 - On day one of the 2013 NAB Show, Omnia Audio unveiled its effort to create a fully digital radio transmission chain that doesn't sacrifice loudness. Working with transmitter manufacturer Nautel, the Omnia Direct fully digital composite interface will be initially available in the Omnia.11 and Nautel NV series transmitters.

With the Omnia Direct interface, a single AES3 cable between the Omnia.11 and the Nautel NV transmitter carries the baseband signal in digital form, eliminating the noise and distortion of the A/D converters required to resample the composite analog signal, reducing potential overshoots, and ensuring full FCC mask compliance.

"With Omnia Direct, we finally have the digital equivalent of the analog BNC-to-BNC composite connection, where we can take the output of the audio processor's stereo generator and couple it directly to the modulator of the exciter. This enables the exciter to modulate, with precision, whatever the processor delivers," said Frank Foti, Telos Alliance CEO and Omnia Audio founder.

Initially, the Omnia Direct functionality is available on Nautel NV series transmitters from 3.5kW to 44kW. New transmitters are shipping with the feature as standard, and older NV series transmitters may be upgraded with the NV software release 4.0 which will soon be made available.

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