Omnia.8x and One FM Now Shipping

January 25, 2008

Cleveland – Jan 24, 2008 - Omnia Audio is now shipping One FM, the latest addition to the popular Omnia One audio processor for multicast broadcasting, and Omnia8.x, the processor that processes eight stereo audio channels at the same time.

Omnia One FM features the same processing topology as the original Omnia FM, and includes a wideband AGC/leveler, four-band AGC and a separate four-band limiter section with precision crossover. Omnia One FM also includes Omnia's pre-emphasized final limiter/clipper.

Omnia.uses eight discrete three-band stereo Omnia audio processors in a single, 2RU networked box.

Audio I/O enters and exits on a Livewire Ethernet port, ready to connect to an Axia IP-Audio network.

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