OMT Technologies iMediaLogger 5

March 3, 2014

Audio logger
A newly redesigned Web access portal with an advanced Web server, offers new Web media access features and robust functionality. Web users can browse, play and download any content deployed by iMediaLogger. System administrators can manage user and group access as well as check system status, view schedules, feeds, diagnostic logs and user access logs. A new device configuration enhancement effectively doubles the number of recording channels available for each iMediaLogger. Listen Live offers a real time preview of current recording events through a Web interface. The implementation of a new SQL based content management system provides iMediaLogger with a high performance CMS platform to deliver content, data and applications to users and groups. Supplementary media can now be distributed through the enhanced Web portal for easy access by users and groups. Advanced integration of AoIP technologies by Wheatstone and Axia provides additional possibilities for audio and control routing.

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