Orban Opticodec 7700E/7700D

May 12, 2014

MPX encoder/decoder
The Opticodec 7700E MPX Encoder and Opticodec 7700D MPX Decoder system transparently transmits the Optimod-FM composite baseband signal between studio and transmitter over Ethernet, using UDP or TCP/IP. Each Opticodec 7700 has two 100Mb/s Ethernet interfaces -- one for the control LAN and one for the IP composite signal transmission packets. This allows the audio to run on a dedicated LAN, maximizing throughput capacity. The Opticodec 7700E carries the Optimod-FM encoded stereo signal, the stereo pilot tone, and subcarriers like RDS that may have been applied to the studio-based Optimod-FM's subcarrier inputs.

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