Out and About 2007

October 1, 2007

Useful items to simplify remotes

LXT Lithium-Ion cordless FM/AM radio by Makita

LXT Lithium-Ion cordless FM/AM radio

BMR100: LXT Lithium-Ion battery and optimum charging system produces 280 percent total lifetime work with 2× more cycles. It weighs 9.2 lbs, delivers stereo sound from two 3.25” side-firing drivers, is weather-resistant and has a digital backlit display.

Hand-held, motorized cable coiler by Kaltman Creations

Hand-held, motorized cable coiler
Kaltman Creations

Cable Coiler: The Cable Coiler offers a fast way to preserve expensive microphone cables. But it''s not just for mic cables. It can also be used for lighter weight speaker cable, coax, Cat-5, telephone, fiber optic or rope. Use the high torque motor to coil the cable. Once coiled, just slip the cable off the patent pending spool for instant storage.

Portable PA by Yamaha

Portable PA

Stagepas 500: Yamaha''s Stagepas 500 portable PA system is a 500W mulit-use system that features two-way loudspeakers and a 10-channel stereo-powered mixer. Each speaker contains a 10” woofer and 1” compression driver, driven by a 250W Class D amplifier. The mixer features balanced XLR connectors, mic/line switches and balanced 1/4” jacks, two-band channel EQ and switchable 24-bit digital reverb. The first two channels feature a compressor/limiter switch that controls dynamics on those inputs.

Vehicle personalization by Roadmaster USA

Vehicle personalization
Roadmaster USA

Scrolling Message Systems: The Roadmaster Scrolling Digital License Plate Frame (Model RLPF100) and Scrolling Rear Deck Message System (Model RRDS100) can personalize a vehicle with messages or ads that scroll on the license plate or in the back window. The scrolling systems come with 99 pre-set words and phrases, including “help me,” “slow down,” “turning left,” “your lights aren''t working,” “baby on board,” and also lets the user program five interchangeable messages up to 120 characters each. Messages can be combined or repeated and the speed and brightness of the LED can be adjusted with the included wireless remote.

9V speakers by Remote Audio

9V speakers
Remote Audio

Speak Easy v2: The Speak Easy v2 operates on a single 9V battery for a full day of typical intermittent use. It will also operate from external 9Vdc-15Vdc on its 2.1mm coaxial power connector. The internal battery is switched out of circuit when plugging in external power, so there is no need to remove the battery when using external power. Both the battery and external circuits are protected against reverse polarity.

Portable Stereo IP Codec by Comrex

Portable Stereo IP Codec

Access Portable Stereo Bric IP Codec: Access Portable is a compact, handheld unit capable of sending mono, stereo or dual mono audio over POTS, DSL, cable, Wi-Fi, 3G Cellular (EVDO/UMTS), satellite and more. Access is also a fully featured POTS codec able to send and receive 15kHz stereo audio on a single POTS line when connecting to another Access. The codec comes with a seven-hour lithium-ion battery with built-in charger and an integrated Card Bus slot for wireless IP cards and modems.

Portable broadcast mixer by JK Audio

Portable broadcast mixer
JK Audio

Remote Mix 4: A four-channel field mixer and headphone amplifier, this unit is a communications interface that features a phone line hybrid and keypad, a PBX handset interface and a 2.5mm cell phone interface.The portable unit is smaller than a lunch box. Use it as a phone line hybrid, calling into the studio talk show hybrid. Use it as a front end mixer for a POTS, ISDN or IP codec. Features include four XLR mic jacks with phantom power, male XLR clean mixer output and four 1/4” headphone jacks with individual source selectors and level controls. The mixer is powered by dual 9V batteries and/or 100-240Vac external ac power supply.

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