Portable Production 2007

October 1, 2007

Handy gadgets for production on the go

Voltage regulator by Furman Sound

Voltage regulator
Furman Sound

AR-15 II: This 15A voltage regulator delivers a stable 120Vac to protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage caused by line voltage irregularities such as sags, brownouts and overvoltages. The AR-15 Series II reduces line noise by filtering and purifying ac power. The AR-15 regulates an input voltage ranging from 97V to 141V to maintain the 120V output. The unit includes Furman''s Linear Filtering Technology to reduce noise. The unit hosts eight outlets on the rear panel and one on the front panel and is housed in 1RU. An LED bargraph meter indicates the input voltage, while a separate LED indicates the output voltage as being within an acceptable range.
707-763-1010; www.furmansound.com; info@furmansound.com

Field-deployable Cat 5e cable by Belden

Field-deployable Cat 5e cable

Brilliance Catsnake Tactical: Cat 5e UTP cables are AES/EBU-compliant and feature rugged construction. Brilliance CatSnake UTP cables feature Bonded-Pair unshielded twisted pairs with 24 AWG stranded bare copper conductors and polyolefin insulation. To further ensure the durability, portability and re-usability there is a heavy jacket wall version for medium duty use or an upjacketed version for the harshest heavy-duty applications. And, to increase flexibility, the cables offer stranded conductors and matte-finished jackets.
800-BELDEN1; www.belden.com; info@belden.com

Firewire audio interface by Focusrite Audio Engineering

Firewire audio interface
Focusrite Audio Engineering

Saffire LE: The Saffire LE has six inputs and eight outputs (including stereo digital I/O) with comprehensive monitoring and I/O control options. The interface comes bundled with a host of software titles, including FXspansion''s BFD ultralite and a demo version of GURU, Novation''s classic B-Station soft synth and perhaps most notably and Ableton Live 5 Lite. It also comes with 470 megs of royalty-free loops and samples.
516-249-1399; www.focusrite.com

Digital hand-held recorder by M-Audio

Digital hand-held recorder

Microtrack 24/96: A two-channel digital recorder that records WAV and MP3 files, the unit stores elements to Compact Flash or microdrives. Balanced 1/4” TRS line inputs and 1/8” mic inputs with phantom-powered mic preamps provide flexible input options. Audio can be exported via S/PDIF digital, RCA analog or USB 2.0. An 1/8” headphone output is included. Power is provided by a lithium-ion battery, and the unit can recharge via the computer''s USB connection or USB power adapter.
866-657-6434; www.m-audio.com; sales@m-audio.com

Field recording mic by Avlex

Field recording mic

Superlux E531: Featuring a mid-side configuration, battery powered operation and a 3.5mm stereo mini plug that facilitates integration with a wide range of products; the Superlux E531/BCS microphone makes the ideal recording tool for capturing orchestras, choirs, stage or outdoor venues. The microphone has a cardioid polar pattern for its mid section and a figure-eight polar pattern for the side. It offers the recording engineer 90- or 120-degree coverage patterns at the flip of a switch.
877-447-9216; www.avlex.com; sales@avlex.com

Line-level controller
A-Designs Audio

ATTY2''D: This multi-channel, passive, line-level controller is the big brother of the ATTY stereo passive line-level controller. Housed in a 1RU chassis, the ATTY2''D features two stereo and two mono channels. All four channels have their own individual mute switches and large, cast aluminum, rotary level controls. A single master mute switch is also located in the center of the front panel for fast termination of audio signal to all channels.
818-716-4153; www.adesignsaudio.com; sales@adesignsaudio.com

USB Condenser Mic by Marshall Electronics

USB Condenser Mic
Marshall Electronics

MXL USB.008: A low-noise, large-diaphragm condenser mic designed for portable recording, No special software or drivers are needed for this USB plug-and-play mic. It features a large 32mm gold diaphragm capsule, a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response and a three-position analog gain control. The digital section features a 16-bit Delta Sigma A/D converter with sampling rates of 44.1kHz and 48.1 kHz. The mic ships in a tote bag, which includes a desktop mic stand, stand adaptor, a 10-foot USB cable, windscreen and user''s manual.
800-800-6608; www.mxlmics.com; sales@mxlmics.com

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