Portable Production 2008

September 2, 2008

2008 Product Source Special Section: Handy gadgets for production on the go.

Avastor SDX

Portable hard drives
SDX: Targeting the prosumer market - as well as the pro market - the SDX line is more competitively priced than the highly popular HDX drive which offers the ultimate in external professional portable storage. The SDX comes with a mandate for quality features that will enhance performance. For example, each SDX drive has an external three-amp grounded dc power supply that auto senses 90-240V that makes for worldwide compatibility with an IEC power cord. Also every SDX has an ultra-quiet cooling fan for maximum heat dissipation and power and activity lights, a feature not usually found in drives in this price range. To ensure maximum connectivity, performance and durability, the SDX drives are available in an anodized aluminum design. The power adapter uses extra heavy gauge wire as well as a heavy duty connector with oversized pins for 5Vdc and 12Vdc.

Axel Technology Oxygen 2

Portable mixer
Axel Technology
Oxygen 2: Oxygen 2 is a professional portable mixer for reporting, external broadcasting, commentary, etc. It can easily fit into a briefcase together with its wires, headphones and microphones. All controls are grouped on the front panel, to make it easier to operate. Oxygen 2 features two balanced switchable micro/line inputs and one built-in telephone hybrid with automatic line compensation.
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Belkin Tune Studio

Ipod mixer and recorder
Tune Studio: Belkin's Tune Studio for Ipod is the first four-channel audio mixer that record directly to an Ipod. This mixer allows the input of up to four different instruments or audio sources, and records the audio at 44kHz quality onto an Ipod for instant playback.

Edirol R-09 HR

Audio recorder
R-09 HR: With a wider dynamic range, higher bit and sample rates than other recorders, the R-09HR supports up to 24-bit/96kHz linear PCM recording. I.A.R.C. is a newly developed, dedicated analog circuit optimized for recording with the R-09HR's onboard A/D converter. Electrolytic capacitors provide stable, reliable power with an independent power source for the analog circuitry, and another power source for the digital circuit board, thus eliminating dc interference between components in the R-09HR. The I.A.R.C. also contributes to high quality, low noise MP3 recording. When recording, there's no extra equipment to buy or cables to connect. A stereo microphone is built into the unit, complete with a dedicated analog input control, mono/stereo selector, low-cut filter, limiter/AGC and a gain boost. The onboard electret condenser microphone elements are very compact, ultra-sensitive, and placed to capture three-dimensional sound naturally and accurately.

Marantz PMD580

Compact flash recorder
PMD580: The PMD580 brings many of the same features found in the PMD Series recorders but adds a crucial new dimension: network connectivity. Via its Ethernet port, the PMD580 can be positioned as a network device, allowing users to set menu parameters, schedule recording events, and transfer and archive audio files, all by using a Web-based GUI interface from any PC or Mac in the network. Network accessibility allows users of solid-state digital recording devices, such as universities and government agencies, the ability to archive audio files effortlessly even at designated times, and it makes managing multiple units a breeze. The PMD580 also has an internal clock for scheduling recording events. For instance, lectures could be automatically scheduled for recording, multiple events can be scheduled via the Web interface and recorded files can then be downloaded to a local PC with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Nagra Nagra VI

Digital audio recorder
Nagra VI: The Nagra VI has been designed as the successor to the Nagra-D/DII multi-track digital recorders. The hardware of the Nagra VI is software dependent. It is available in a choice of three colors (gray, blue and red), allowing owners of two or more recorders to easily identify a particular unit. The Nagra VI is supplied with two plastic handles which serve not only to protect the front of the unit from accidental damage, but can also be moved to their lower position and serve to tilt the recorder for a better viewing angle, and easier access to the functions when working on a table-top or sound cart. A carrying case and shoulder strap are also available for over-the-shoulder operation. The Nagra VI is delivered with a removable battery box containing a lithium-ion battery pack, a mains power supply and is equipped with a 120GB internal hard disk.

Sound Devices 788T

Portable recorder
Sound Devices
788T: Designed specifically for multi-track on-location productions, the eight-track 788T features a significant expansion of input and output capability - eight full-featured microphone inputs and eight tracks of recording. The eight inputs, together with a thoroughly revised digital architecture, provide unprecedented recording flexibility. In a stainless-steel and aluminum chassis weighing less than four pounds, the 788T accommodates individual controls and connectors for each input, plus numerous additional I/O and data connections. To accommodate the larger data storage requirements of multi-track recordings, the 788T comes with a 160GB 2.5" internal SATA hard disk drive. This on-board storage provides up to 30 hours of eight-track, uncompressed 24-bit audio recording of industry-standard Broadcast WAV files. To transfer recorded audio, the 788T features high-speed access to both the internal hard drive and connected Compact Flash medium.

Tascam Track Packs

Recording bundles
Track Packs: The Track Pack T1 combines the US-122L audio interface with a dynamic microphone, headphones and Cubase LE4 recording software. The Track Pack T2 matches the US-144 interface with Tascam's new TM-78 condenser microphone. The Field Pack pairs Tascam's DR-1 portable recorder with the TM-ST1 stereo microphone.

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