Radial Engineering StageBug SB-7 EarMuff

February 24, 2014

Headphone mute
The SB-7 EarMuff is a unique headphone interface that enables the user to mute one side the headphones to eliminate bleed when recording. TheSB-7 EarMuff begins with a standard 1/4" TRS headphone input. A second TRS headphone output on the other side is used to feed the headphones. This is supplemented with a mini 3.5mm TRS jack for those who prefer to use ear buds. As the playback tracks from the recorder are likely in stereo, a mono sum switch lets the user blend the left-right signal to mono to ensure all instruments will be heard. A local level control allows the artist to further adjust the volume to suit. A simple "left ear off" switch is used to mute one side of the headphones. The SB-7 EarMuff is completely passive, so it requires no external power to work; Simply plug in and start listening.

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