Radio Systems Millenium Console Platform

May 12, 2011

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Ethernet control surface

Available in 8- and 12-channel versions, Millennium Consoles The Platform is 100 percent IP. All devices are Ethernet connected. Multiple surfaces, screen-based clients and remote setup and control screens all connect by LAN, WAN and the Internet. Each channel features a select key, four program buses, solo bus, send bus, fader, conference, talk, record and cue buttons, rotary encoder that selects any Platform source displayed on the two-line LCD to the channel strip and calls a list of auxiliary sources available via the center pushbutton knob, option button that sends selected source directly to studio monitors and metering scenes, take button selects a new source to the channel and activates functions called by the option button. The Platform's 7" LCD touchscreen provides access to the home screen and auxiliary input/output screens. The system is supported by an external frame that houses the system DSPs, input/output channels, GPIO interconnects, and connectivity to Ethernet and USB transports.

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