RDL (Radio Design Labs) RU-AFC2

December 12, 2011

Stereo bi-directional audio format converter
The RU-AFC2 is a stereo bidirectional audio format converter to convert the stereo input and output of a consumer audio product to professional balanced standards. The audio fidelity, low noise, low distortion and crosstalk performance are ideally suited to the most critical applications. Unbalanced audio connections are available on front-panel RCA jacks. Balanced audio connections are available on front-panel XLR jacks and on rear-panel detachable terminal blocks. The shield connections of the XLR output jacks are connected to the case through a rear-panel ground-lift switch. The unbalanced to balanced section includes an additional mono summed output on a rear-panel detachable terminal block which may be wired balanced or unbalanced. The mono output may be used to drive patch-bay jacks, powered monitors or subwoofer amplifiers.

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