Readers' Picks: Denon Electronics DP-DJ150 and 100

December 1, 2000

Denon Electronics
DP-DJ150 and 100: Two quartz synthesized direct drive turntables. The DP-DJ 150 is equipped with an S/PDIF coaxial digital output, which enables direct recording to a digital storage medium (MD, CD-R, DAT, hard disk) while preserving the highest sound quality. Features Denon's unique key adjust: When line out is selected, the turntable incorporates a built-in DSP to maintain a constant musical pitch even when rotation speed is altered. A built-in phono equalizer permits it to be connected directly to an amplifier, sampler, MD recorder or other device that does not have a phono input jack. The DP-DJ100 uses a bi-directional servo control direct drive motor with single-body construction to deliver a startup torque of 12.25 pounds per inch.
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