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September 2, 2009

New texts for your bookshelf

Announcing help
Elsevier/Focal Press
Broadcast Announcing Worktext, 3rd Edition: Broadcast Announcing Worktext provides aspiring broadcast performers with the skills and techniques needed to enter this highly competitive field. In addition to the principles of good performance, this text addresses the importance of audience and how messages change to communicate effectively to various groups. TV and radio studio environments, announcer specializations and responsibilities, developing a broadcast delivery style, and now how you use your talents for the many areas of information distribution are just a few of the many topics covered.

Basic NEC with Broadcast Applications

Numerical Electromagnetics Code
Elsevier/Focal Press
Basic NEC with Broadcast Applications: Basic NEC with Broadcast Applications addresses computer modeling of MF directional broadcast antennas and illustrates the assets and liabilities of the Numerical Electromagnetic Code (NEC). The book's how-to approach reveals the fundamentals of NEC operation, teaches broadcast applications and shows the reader how to use NEC-2 to: model non-radiating networks, verify calculations, detune unused towers, design top-loaded and skirted antennas, minimize coding by moving and duplicating structures, and much more! Complete with CD, the book is an invaluable toolkit with software necessary for the design and analysis of broadcast antenna arrays.

Antenna Zoning

Antenna resource
Elsevier/Focal Press
Antenna Zoning: If you are building, adding to, modifying, or even upgrading a commercial antenna system, and most especially if you hope to erect a new tower, then zoning laws apply to you. Antenna Zoning enables you to successfully navigate structure regulations, permitting and even lease negotiations. Author Fred Hopengarten is a specialized communications lawyer with extensive experience in antenna and tower regulation, and has been involved in many high-profile zoning cases. His first-hand experience comes in this book with lessons learned, case studies, examples, and material presented in an easy-to-understand manner.

Audio Production Worktext, 6e

Production tips
Elsevier/Focal Press
Audio Production Worktext, 6e: The modern radio/broadcast student must understand that audio content is now utilized on multiple platforms. Each chapter of Audio Production Worktext has been carefully updated to increase the book's scope from just radio production to the broader topic of audio production. The 6e edition delivers an introduction to the modern radio production studio, the equipment found within and the basic techniques needed to accomplish radio production work. Chapters addressing the basics of field recording and production planning are also included.

Start-Up Tactics for the Small Business

Business start-up book
Kaltman Creations
Start-Up Tactics for the Small Business: Start-Up Tactics for the Small Business is not your typical business start-up book, as it goes beyond the business structure, funding and licensing subjects typically found in similar books. Instead, it takes the reader into detailed business planning, practical applications, time management, and budgeting. Mark Kaltman is best known as president of Kaltman Creations. But, he is also known by many for his successful start-ups and early stage management roles with CMT Security Systems, AETA Audio, Klotz Digital, Denon Electronics, Wheatstone and Sabine, and also as a recipient of Gold and Platinum albums for his audio engineer expertise.

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