Reference room 2007

October 1, 2007

Selections for your bookshelf reference.

Reference book by National Association of Broadcasters

Reference book
National Association of Broadcasters

Engineering Handbook, 10th Edition: The NAB Engineering Handbook provides detailed information on virtually every aspect of the broadcast chain, from news gathering, program production and postproduction through master control and distribution links to transmission, antennas, RF propagation, cable and satellite. Hot topics covered include HD Radio, HDTV, 2GHz broadcast auxiliary services, EAS, workflow, metadata, digital asset management, advanced video and audio compression, audio and video over IP, and Internet broadcasting. Basic principles and the latest technologies and issues are all addressed by respected professionals with first-hand experience in the broadcast industry and manufacturing.

Literature by Heil Sound

Heil Sound

It All Starts with the Microphone: This primer on mics covers technical aspects to applications and tips that Bob Heil has mastered over his 40 years in professional sound reinforcement and microphone design.

Station planning and design book by Elsevier/Focal Press

Station planning and design book
Elsevier/Focal Press

A Face for Radio: This book explains in easy-to-comprehend language the basic concepts of applicable architectural and interior design elements as guidelines for space planning; building infrastructure; layout schemes for offices and technical facilities; colors, materials, and finishes; lighting and scheduling. The book includes images and plans from leading radio broadcasting facility designers in the U.S. and overseas, budgets and construction schedules for a variety of typical projects, and guidelines to follow for flexible programs that apply to radio stations of all sizes, from major market network affiliates to small independents.

Directional antenna book by Layton Technical Services

Directional antenna book
Layton Technical Services

Directional Antennas Made Simple: The first edition of Directional Antennas Made Simple was published in 1996. The second edition builds on the foundation of the first by reflecting current FCC Rules regulating these systems, containing additional material suggested by readers of the first edition and having an additional chapter examining and explaining solutions to unusual RF problems encountered in AM radio facilities.

Digital radio reference by Elsevier/Focal Press

Digital radio reference
Elsevier/Focal Press

The IBOC Handbook: This book outlines the entire digital transmission system for HD Radio. It includes system equations presented in a useful way that retain a clear description of the systems. Included is a history of the technology and the NRSC-5 standard.

Radio history book by Random House

Radio history book
Random House

Something in the Air: Radio, Rock, and the Revolution that Shaped a Generation is a look at how old media adapts when new media comes along, as well as a trip back to the heyday of Top-40 radio. Marc Fisher, award-winning journalist, Pulitzer Prize finalist and columnist for The Washington Post, captures the soul of radio and how it helped shape American culture–the culture which it no longer holds the imagination of–and what the future holds.

Unless noted, these books are available through most book outlets, including the SBE and NAB bookstores.

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